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Our Monthly Stories from the Flight Deck & TH HQ

Youthly Puresome Arriving

The editors of The Hook are always on the lookout for a great story, but 30 years ago an appeal for tales about the A-4 Skyhawk resulted in more than anyone could have expected! It was the beginning of a regular feature called "The Further Adventures of Youthly Puresome," a series of sea stories written by Tailhook stalwart CDR Jack Woodul, USNR(Ret) and illustrated for many years by CWO Carl Snow. The first one appeared in the Fall 1991 issue and for many years readers eagerly awaited the next adventure of the stalwart JO. Here is that first story and some images of the author, a frequent attendee at Hook.

LT CDR Jack Woodul, USNR(Ret)
LT Jack Woodul, USNR.

CDR Jack Woodul, USNR(Ret) at HOOK'13

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