2020 Annual Calendar

TEF Quarterly / Periodic Events
15 Dec - 02 Mar

Scholarship application window open

15 Apr - 15 May

Scholarship awardees selected

Feb, May, Aug, Nov

Quarterly BoD meetings in San Diego


01 Jun - 15 Jul

Annual donation invoices mailed

Nov - Dec

EOY donation Appeal

TEF Monthly Events

Winter BoD meeting

02 Mar

Current year Scholarship application window closes

01 Apr

Annual pass-through scholarship donations due

05 May

Spring BoD meeting

15 May

Scholarship Awardee email notices sent

30 Jun

Scholarship Awardee notices mailed

15 Jul

Scholars & Donors web pages posted

18 Aug

Summer BoD meeting

01 Aug

Awardee checks mailed to schools

10-12 Sep

Annual Tailhook Symposium online weekend after Labor Day


Fall BoD meeting


“Day at the Races” Fundraiser @ Del Mar

18 Nov

End of Year (EOY) appeals mailed

15 Dec

Next year Scholarship application window opens

31 Dec

End of Year (EOY) donations close