2022 Annual Calendar

TEF Quarterly / Periodic Events
Feb, May, Aug, Nov

Quarterly BoD meetings in San Diego


15 Dec - 01 Mar

TEF scholarship application window open

01 Jan - 01 Apr

Annual scholarship invoices mailed to sponsors

28 Mar - 30 Apr

Scholarship awardees selected & electronically notified

01 May - 31 May

Scholarship awardees matched with scholarships

01 Jun - 15 Jun

Hard copy letters with scholarship name and amount mailed to awardees

8-10 Sep

Tailhook annual symposium at the Nugget Casino & Resort in Reno, NV

17 Dec - 30 Dec

TEF End of Year (EOY) fundraiser appeal

TEF Monthly Events
16 Feb

Q1 Winter BoD meeting

01 Mar

Current year Scholarship application window closes

30 Apr

Annual pass-through scholarship donations due

17 May

Spring BoD meeting

30 May

Scholarship Awardee email notices sent

30 Jun

Scholarship Awardee notices mailed

30 Jul

Awardee checks mailed to schools

15 Aug

Scholars & Donors web pages posted

16 Aug

Summer BoD meeting

08-10 Sep

Annual Tailhook Symposium online weekend after Labor Day

08 Nov

Fall BoD meeting


“Day at the Races” Fundraiser @ Del Mar

17 Nov

End of Year (EOY) appeals mailed

15 Dec

Next year Scholarship application window opens

31 Dec

End of Year (EOY) donations close