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30 yrs ago, Naval Aviation was part of the Coalition forces that unleashed Operation Desert Storm...

A special section in the Summer 1991 issue of The Hook included reports from some of the squadrons that participated, including this article submitted by the VA-155 Silver Foxes on board USS Ranger (CV 61). Desert Storm marked the squadron’s first combat operations and VA-155 passed into Naval Aviation history with its disestablishment on 30 April 1993. We have added some additional photos from that momentous period in the squadron’s history.

Silver Foxes officers pictured in front of one of the squadron’s A-6 Intruders during VA-155’s Desert Storm cruise.

CAG-2 “Rabbit” Campbell visits the VA-155 ready room on board USS Ranger (CV 61). Note that Elvis had not left the building!

VA-155’s Desert Storm combat record proudly emblazoned on the tail of a squadron A-6E Intruder at NAS Fallon.


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