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Our Monthly Stories from the Flight Deck & TH HQ

Watch Episode 2 | Stories from the very 1st TOPGUN Commanding Officer

RADM Roger Box Graduated U. S. Naval Academy in June 1956. He graduated flight training and was designated a Naval Aviator in February 1958. He achieved the honor of being the first TOPGUN Commanding Officer because of his extraordinary experience as a combat fighter pilot surviving combat carrier deployments to Vietnam on Yankee Station.

As a graduate of the Navy Test Pilots School and expert in air-to-air gunnery and electronics warfare systems, RADM Box was assigned Chief Test Pilot at the Pacific Missile Range. He facilitated the operation testing of the new F-14 weapons system and Phoenix missile. RADM Box then went on to Command Air Wing Fourteen in which each squadron had the newest of each type aircraft with some deploying for the first time.

He went on to be the Commander Officer of the USS Hassayampa and USS Ranger. As the Chief of Staff of Commander Naval Air Forces, U. S. Pacific Fleet, Roger Box was promoted to Rear Admiral and went onto be the Battle Group Commander, U. S. Atlantic Fleet Battle Force Commander U. S. Sixth Fleet and become a plank owner of the Director of Operations United States Space Command.

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