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The Tailhook Educational Foundation

2018 Scholarships

Delaney Ericson

Delaney Ericson


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Awarded To

Delaney Ericson

Lake Oswego, Oregon

Montana State University

Scholarship Description

Stu was born in Miami, Oklahoma, and raised in Akron, Ohio. A competitive swimmer throughout high school and Academy days, he set two USNA records in the breaststroke.  Stu was designated a Naval Aviator in April 1972. Upon completion of training in the F-4 Phantom, he reported to the VF-161 Rock Rivers, aboard the USS Midway (CV 41). He served as the Squadron Landing Signal Officer and Quality Assurance Officer during his tour with the VF-161.  Stu later deployed aboard the aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea (CV 43) before his assignment to the Navy’s Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels in October 1980.  He accumulated more than 2,000 flight hours and 320 carrier landings. He personally comforted and gave hope to many people who were ill and handicapped as he visited countless hospitals as a Blue Angel.  On 22 February 1982 Blue Angel Number 5, piloted by Lieutenant Commander Stuart R. Powrie, met with mishap near El Centro, California. Stu Powrie, devoted husband and father, beloved son, cherished friend and Naval Aviator, gave his life while serving his country. 

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