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The Tailhook Educational Foundation

2017 Scholarships

Zachary Kreiser

Zachary Kreiser


The A-7 Corsair II Association Membership

Sponsored by

Awarded To

Zachary Kreiser

Norfolk, Virginia

Scholarship Description

The A-7 Corsair II Association’s mission is to document the history of the A-7 airplane and those who flew and maintained it, to be a repository and guardian of the extensive Corsair II legacy, and to facilitate contact among former members of the A-7 community. As a 501 (C)(3) non-profit corporation, our goals are to contribute to select philanthropic organizations which support our mission and to assist the many aircraft carrier and land museums regarding the display and history of the A-7 airplane. A major focus is to provide funds and expertise toward encouraging the education of America’s youth in science, mathematics, critical thinking, and how the A-7 played a part in the history of Naval, Air Force and Air National Guard Aviation units of the world. The A-7 Corsair II Association takes great pride in supporting the mission of the Tailhook Educational Foundation and we congratulate this year’s recipient.

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