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The Tailhook Educational Foundation

2018 Scholarships

Connor Flint

Connor Flint


Sponsored by

Pratt & Whitney Military Engines

Awarded To

Connor Flint

Newton, Massachusetts

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Scholarship Description

This award honors the memory of RADM Leonard A. “Swoose” Snead by Pratt & Whitney Military Engines. Snead served in several fleet junior officer billets prior to attending U.S. Naval Test Pilot School (USNTPS). He progressed through a number of assignments culminating as head of the Flying Qualities and Performance Branch at National Test Pilot School. Immediately thereafter, he assumed command of VA-75, the Navy’s first fleet operational A-6A squadron, which deployed to Vietnam the following year. He later commanded USS Forrestal (CVA-59) and was selected for Flag rank in February 1971, and in July was named manager for the F-14 Tomcat aircraft and systems program. In 1974 he assumed command of Fighter Airborne Early Warning Wing Pacific, at NAS Miramar. Snead retired in 1976 with 30 years of commissioned service and joined Pratt & Whitney in West Palm Beach Florida, as manager of Navy programs. He was appointed VP of Pratt & Whitney in 1983 and retired from the company in 1992.

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