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The Tailhook Educational Foundation

2018 Scholarships

Jackson Farley

Jackson Farley


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Awarded To

Jackson Farley

Dallas, Texas

Baylor University

Scholarship Description

This scholarship is awarded in memory of Captain Wynn F. Foster, USN, a native of Monticello, Minnesota and long-time resident of Coronado, California.  Captain “Hook” served honorably during World War II as an enlisted man and Aviation Cadet, then, was designated a Naval Aviator on December 15, 1950.  Foster flew a total of 238 combat missions, 75 in 1952-53 during the Korean War while deployed on board the USS Kearsarge, and 163 missions from the USS Oriskany during the Vietnam War in 1965-66.  On July 23, 1966, while Commanding Officer of Navy Attack Squadron 163, Foster’s A-4 Skyhawk jet was struck by enemy anti-aircraft fire during a combat mission over Vietnam. Shrapnel tore through the cockpit of his aircraft, severing his right arm above the elbow. Near fatally injured, bleeding profusely, and close to unconsciousness, he managed to fly his plane with one hand and his knees until he reached the relative safety of the Gulf of Tonkin. Before ejecting from his crippled jet, the crew of the nearby Navy guided missile frigate USS Reeves pulled him from the sea minutes later. For his heroic action that day, Foster was awarded the Silver Star and Purple Heart medals.  His other combat awards include Distinguished Flying Crosses and numerous Air Medals.

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