65th Tailhook Symposium




September 9 - 11 2021

Nugget Casino Resort, Reno, NV

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Board of Directors Election

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Douglas A 1H, 139770, VA 215, NP565, Ala

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We have got a number of scholarship applicants who are looking for more information on if/when they'll hear any updates on their applications. You can find all the information you need by clicking on the link the below!

Who We Are
Tailhook Association Logo
Tailhook Association

The Tailhook Association is an independent, fraternal, nonprofit organization internationally recognized as the premier supporter of the aircraft carrier and other sea-based aviation.


The purposes of the Association are: to foster, encourage, develop, study, and support the aircraft carrier, sea-based aircraft, both fixed and rotary wing, and aircrews of the United States of America; and to educate and inform the public in the appropriate role of the aircraft carrier and carrier aviation in the nation's defense system.

Tailhook Educational Foundation Logo
Educational Foundation

The Foundation scholarship program awards over 100 scholarships annually. These grants assist the children and grandchildren of former and current naval aviators and Aircrewmen as well as aircraft carrier based personnel studying in the many fields of College undergraduate education. Another part of our Foundation’s ongoing educational program is to fund sending over 1,000 quarterly copies of the The Hook magazine to high schools and colleges throughout the United States; most of these magazines go to NROTC and NJROTC units. 

Our Objectives

Promote the Tailhook Educational Foundation in their mission of providing higher educational scholarship assistance.

Provide an interactive forum for fleet aviator thought and opinion on carrier aviation matters, particularly those of junior aviators.

Uphold a commitment to the highest standards of professional and personal conduct.

Tailhook Objectives

Honor and give special recognition to those who have made exceptional contributions to the advancement of carrier-based Naval Aviation.

Educate the public on the importance of carrier and other sea-based aviation and contribute to improved communications among civilian and military communities regarding carrier aviation matters.

Expand the membership base, with continued focus on active duty. Honor the service and sacrifices of all those who are, or have been a part of, carrier-based aviation.

Contribute to the enhancement of professionalism, camaraderie and morale among carrier and other sea-based aviators.

The Ship's

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The Tailhooks Awards were established to champion individuals who, in the judgment of the Board of Directors, have made the most significant contribution to their respective entities.


View the award winners here

The Hook

The Hook is the official journal of The Tailhook Association and as such is the only publication in the world that is dedicated to telling the story of U.S. Navy carrier aviation, both past and present. 


Each issue contains a selection of carrier and squadron histories balanced with departments containing the latest news of current units and aerospace industry developments affecting carrier aviation.

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