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The Tailhook Educational Foundation

2018 Scholarships

Gabriel Pincelli

Gabriel Pincelli


Sponsored by

CAPT Mindy Suszan, USN

Awarded To

Gabriel Pincelli

Horseshoe Bay, Texas

Texas A & M University

Scholarship Description

Glen was a graduate of U.S. Naval Academy and Naval Aviator. During his career, he was assigned to the VA-95 Green Lizards, VFA-81 Sunliners and VFA-87 Golden Warriors. He deployed in USS Abraham USS Lincoln (CVN-72), USS Enterprise (CVN-65) and USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71). With numerous combat missions over Iraq and the former Republic of Yugoslavia, Lefty was individually recognized for delivering the first USN combat load in Kosovo. He earned a master’s degree in strategic studies from the Army War College and two additional master’s degrees in business. His dream was to establish a scholarship to help children within our community realize their potential, to continue the growth and progress that makes America great and to improve the world in which we live.