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The Tailhook Educational Foundation

2017 Scholarships

Rachel Kling


The Tailhook Educational Foundation

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Rachel Kling

Pace, Florida

Scholarship Description

The USS America coat-of-arms (COA) of has its origin in heraldry. Its theme is Revolutionary War based and honors the 1st USS America’s intended captain and the father of the United States Navy, John Paul Jones. Commissioned in 1965, USS America (CVA/CV-66) was the last of 3 Kitty Hawk-class supercarriers built for the US Navy. America achieved early fame in November 1969 when U2R Sea trial tests were conducted by Lockheed and CIA test pilots. After undergoing abbreviated carrier training, the pilots executed a series of takeoffs, landings and other carrier-based operations which proved successful. Early combat tours included the Middle East, the Six-day war, and the attack on USS Liberty in the late sixties. From 1969-1972, America made 3 deployments supporting Vietnam combat operations receiving 5 battle stars. Returning the Atlantic and the “Med” for the remainder of her celebrated career, from 1973 - 1986 she responded to crises in Lebanon, Libya and launched sorties supporting Operation El Dorado Canyon. In 1991, she joined USS Saratoga and USS John F. Kennedy in Battle Force Red Sea first supporting Operation Desert Shield then launching strikes into Iraq and Kuwait supporting Operation Desert Storm. She next transited to the Arabian Gulf to join USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Midway in Battle Force Zulu and continue combat operations into Iraq for the duration of the First Gulf War. From 1992- 1996, she closed out her 31 year distinguished career by again steaming into harm’s way supporting operations Southern Watch, Deny Flight and Deliberate Force.


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