Tailhook Association Board of Directors
Tailhook Association Board of Directors
  • Source: Aviation Officer Candidate School
  • Designation: Naval Aviator, 1985
  • Assignments: VAQ-129 FRS instructor; CVW-9 LSO; ComNavAirPac LSO; Joint Staff J-33; CO of VAQ-141; EA-18G/EA-6B Requirements Officer; OPNAV N78, CO of VAQ-129, Commander of CVW-9, National War College. OPNAV N8F,
  • Hours/Traps: 4,800 / 1,307
  • Residence: Alexandria VA
  • Present Empl: CO of Navy ROTC George Washington University
  • Other: Combat Missions in Southern Watch, Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom
  • Source United States Naval Academy
  • Designated Naval Aviator 1985
  • Fighter Squadron One (VF-1), Naval Fighter Weapons School (Top Gun), VF 24 "Fighting Renegades, (VX) 4 Evaluators, Naval Fighter Weapons School, attached to Nellis Air Force Base as part of the 4477th Test and Evaluation Squadron, CO VF 84 "Jolly Rogers" XO USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70), CO USS Camden (AOE 2), CO USS Enterprise, CNO (OPNAV) staff as Head, Aviation Plans and Requirements (N780), Carrier Group 3 as the USS Carl Vinson Battle Group Commander, Deputy Commander, Joint Task Force Southwest Asia, Carl Vinson Strike Group, Director, Programming Division (N80), Director, Force Structure, Resources and Assessment (J8)
  • Hours/Traps: 4,800/850
  • Residence: Virginia
  • Other: Tailhook Association's "West Coast Fighter Pilot of the Year." Tailhook Association's 1999 "Tailhooker of the Year."
  • Source: Aviation Officer Candidate School
  • Designation: Naval Aviator, 1986
  • Aircraft: T-34C, T-2C, TA-4J, F-14A/B, F/A-18A-G
  • Assignments: VF-142, VF-101, CVW-17, VF-103, JCS, VF/VFA-41, BuPers, VFA-122, CVW-8
  • Present Empl: CNAF JSF Requirements & Fleet Integration
  • Hours/Traps: 4,200 / 1,150
  • Residence: Richmond, Va.
  • Other: Operations Southern Watch/Enduring Freedom/Iraqi Freedom; 1995 CNAL Pilot of the Year
CDR CURT DOSÉ, USNR (RET), Term - Fall 2011
  • Source: U.S. Naval Academy
  • Designation: Naval Aviator, 1968
  • Assignments: VT-21; VF 92; Test Pilot School, Flight Test Carrier Suitability; VF-2
  • Hours/Traps: 11,200 / 545
  • Residence: San Diego, Calif.
  • Present Empl: Retired from USNR, Flying Tiger Line and Federal Express
  • Other: Vietnam MiG-21 kill; Member, Society of Experimental Test Pilots; Member, The Early and Pioneer Naval Aviators Association (Golden Eagles)
CDR WILLIAM DRISCOLL, USNR (Ret), Term - Fall 2012

Source: NAOC

  • Designation: Naval Flight Officer, 1970
  • Assignments: VF-96, TopGun, VF-2, VF-124
  • Hours/Traps: 3,500/550
  • Residence: Solana Beach, CA
  • Present Empl: William P. Driscoll & Associates.
  • Other: 5 Mig kills
  • Source: Officer Candidate Class 142
  • Designation: Naval Aviator, 1992
  • Assignments: VMFA-312, Amphibious Warfare School, VMFA-323, Naval Flight Demonstration Squadron, 5th Marines Regimental Air Officer, OPSO and XO of VMFA-323, CO of VMFA-232, Industrial College of the Armed Forces, Joint Staff J8, Currently an EA on SECNAV Staff
  • Hours/Traps: 3,500/757
  • Residence: Alexandria, VAOther: Operations Deny Flight, Deliberate Force, Southern Watch, Iraqi Freedom, and Enduring Freedom; 10 Top-Ten Hook Awards; over 75 combat missions
CAPT SARA JOYNER, USN, Term - Fall 2011
  • Source: U.S. Naval Academy
  • Designation: Naval Aviator, 1991
  • Assignments: VC-5, VC-8, CSFWP, VFA-125, VFA-147, JFCOM, VFA-105
  • Hours/Traps: 3,300 / 600
  • Residence: Virginia Beach, Va.
  • Present Empl: Commanding Officer, VFA-105 Gunslingers
  • Other: Combat Missions in Operations Southern Watch/Enduring Freedom/Iraqi Freedom
VADM DAVE NICHOLS, USN, Term - Fall 2014
  • Source: Lateral transfer from the U.S. Army
  • Designation: Naval Flight Officer 1974
  • Assignments:VA-145, VX-5, VA-165, Naval Strike Warfare Center, SecNav Staff, COMMAtVAQWingPac, XO/CO VA-196, Naval War College, CVW-2, Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center, PACOM HQ, CARGRU-1, 5th Fleet, CentCom HQ
  • Hours/Traps: 5,500/986
  • Residence: Apollo Beach, FL
  • Present Empl: Defense Consultant
  • Other: COMNAVAIRPAC 1981 NFO Tailhooker of the year,  Combat Missions in Operations Desert Shield, Southern Watch, Desert Fox, Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom
VADM JOHN MAZACH, USN (RET), Term - Fall 2012
  • Source: NROTC
  • Designation: Naval Aviator, 1967
  • Assignments: VA-87, Bureau of Naval Personnel, VA-105, Air Command and Staff College, XO/CO VA-15, NMPC 432, ComCVW-3, Air Wing Training Officer CNAL, CO USS Seattle (AOE-3), COS CruDesGru-8, CO USS America (CV-66), USEuCom, CCG-2, CNO N-51, ComNavAirLant
  • Hours/Traps: 4,050/1,127
  • Residence: Virginia Beach, Va.
  • Present Empl: Retired
  • Other: 115 combat missions over Vietnam, Lebanon
  • Source: NAVCAD
  • Designation: Naval Aviator, 1993
  • Assignments: VFA-146; NSAWC (Topgun); VFA-151; DC Intern Fellow; VFA-94; USNorthCom.
  • Hours/Traps: 2,400/615
  • Residence: Colorado Springs, Colo.
  • Present Empl: VFA-14
  • Other: Operations Southern Watch and Iraqi Freedom; David McCampbell Award, 1993; Charles H. Bryant Leadership Award, 1997; VFA-151 Junior Officer of the Year, 2001; 14 Top-Ten Hook Awards, Former Board Member U.S. Naval Institute, THA Strike Force member.

CDR MARC PRESTON, USN, Term - Fall 2011

  • Source: Aviation Officer Candidate School
  • Designation: Naval Aviator, 1994
  • Aircraft: T-34C, T-2C, T/A-4J, F/A-18A-F, S-3B
  • Assignments: VFA-113; VMFAT-101; CVW-2 LSO; VFA-94; COMNAVAIRFOR, XO/CO VFA-97
  • Present Empl: Air Ops/Strike Warfare, Strike Force Training Atlantic
  • Hours/Traps: 3,800 / 1003
  • Residence: Virginia Beach, VA
  • Other: Operation Southern Watch/Enduring Freedom/Iraqi Freedom; 2002 CNAP LSO of the Year; 2003 CNAF Navy and Marine Corps Leadership Award
RADM JIM ROBB, USN (RET), Term - Fall 2013
  • Source: ROTC, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Designation: Naval Aviator, 1974
  • Assignments: VF-14; VF-101; VF-32; 4477th Test and Evaluation Squadron; XO/CO VF-51; DCAG-11; CO Topgun; ComCVW-9; OpNav Joint Planner; EA to CincPac; OpNav N880; ComStkGru 7; CentCom J5; OpNav N43.
  • Hours/Traps: 4,900/1,052
  • Residence: Louisburg, N.C.
  • Present Empl: Robb & Associates, Inc.
CAPT GIL RUD, USN (Ret), Term - Fall 2012
  • Source: AOC
  • Designation: Naval Aviator, 1968
  • Assignments: VA-216; VA-215; VA-122; VA-97/CVW-14 LSO; NavCruitCom San Antonio;
  • VA-147; CO VA-192; NavMilPersCom; CO NavFltDemRon (Blue Angels); CO
  • USS Wabash (AOR-4); JTF-5; CO USS Constellation (CV-64)
  • Hours/Traps: 5,600/786
  • Residence: Hollywood, Md.
  • Present Empl: Director of Business Development, Boeing Patuxent River
  • Other: North Dakota State University, 50 Combat Missions
CAPT SCOTT RYDER, USN, Term - Fall 2013
  • Source: AOC
  • Designation: Naval Aviator, 1984
  • Assignments: VA-192, VFA-192, 410 Squadron (Canada), ComCarGru Seven, Strike Fighter Weapons School, VFA-94, VFA-125, XO/CO VFA-22, Industrial College of the Armed Forces, JCS J3 Ops.
  • Hours/Traps: 3,000/600
  • Residence: Fallon, Nev.
  • Other: BA History, Oregon State University 1977, MS Degree in National Resource Strategy
CAPT WALT STAMMER, USN (Ret) - Fall 2013
  • Source: Aviation Officer Candidate School
  • Designation: Naval Aviator, 1986
  • Aircraft: T-34C, T-2C, TA-4J, A-7E, F/A-18A-F
  • Assignments: VA-174, VA/VFA-146, VFA-125, CVW-2 LSO, VFA-151, ComNavAirForce F/A-18 Requirements, CO VFA-137, OSD Legislative Affairs, Naval Personnel Command, Center for Career Development
  • Hours/Traps: 3,900/1,016
  • Residence: Lemoore, Calif.
  • Present Employment: The Boeing Co. representative, NAS Lemoore
  • Other: Operations Desert Storm/Southern Watch/Enduring Freedom/Iraqi Freedom, 2003 ComNavAirForce Navy and Marine Corps Leadership Award, 17 Top-Ten, Hook Awards, THA Life Member, DFC Society Member, 78 Combat Missions over Iraq

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